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Road Safety Expert Welcomes Walsall Drink-Driving Campaign

Council Initiative Highlights Dangers


National law firm Irwin Mitchell has welcomed the launch of a new campaign designed to raise awareness of the dangers of drink-driving over the festive period among Walsall residents.

Stephen Nye from the firm’s Birmingham office has backed the launch of the Morning Breath initiative, which is specifically focused on the dangers of driving the morning after drinking alcohol.

As well as producing guidance on the potential risks, the town’s road safety team is also regularly updating a Facebook page with general advice on the issue.

Welcoming the drive, Stephen Nye, who specialises in serious injury claims related to road incidents in the Midlands, said: “So many of the cases my team deals with highlight the terrible, devastating consequences that drink-driving can have at any time of year.

“However, the upcoming festivities mean that such campaigns are even more vital, as many people may be tempted to get behind the wheel. Alcohol can stay in the bloodstream for some time, so drivers must always think about what they may be doing the morning after a night out.

“If they need to drive in the morning, they should be aware that alcohol can remain in the system for many hours and they may still be unfit to drive, even if they have had some sleep. Any driver who is concerned that they may be over the limit, should postpone their journey and consider other forms of transport.

“A failure to do this could result in a serious accident, with life-changing or even fatal consequences for pedestrians, other road users or even the driver. It goes without saying that being over the limit on the day after a night out is still an offence and would result in a lengthy driving ban and could cost the offender their job.

“This is an admirable initiative by Walsall Council, which should make drivers think twice and hopefully avoid any of these consequences arising.”