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Lawyers Express “Utter Frustration” At Holiday Village, Turkey, After E.coli Illness

Holiday Village Hotel, Sarigerme, Turkey


Travel litigation experts Irwin Mitchell have expressed their "utter frustration" after yet another case of E.coli was discovered at the Holiday Village Hotel, Sarigerme, in Turkey. The hotel has a long history of outbreaks of illnesses such as E.coli and Salmonella.

The hotel was featured on BBC's "Watchdog" in 2009 after the hotel had suffered outbreaks of illness over the last five years, with over 1000 cases in 2009 alone (700 of who asked Irwin Mitchell for help).

Recently, a 13-year-old boy from Leicester travelled to Turkey with his family, contracted E.coli and was so ill he had to be placed on a dialysis machine while he recovered.

Clive Garner, Head of Travel law at Irwin Mitchell, said "Having dealt with claims from this hotel for five years in succession, we are utterly frustrated to hear that there are problems at Holiday Village Turkey for a SIXTH year. What makes this all the more disappointing is that the hotel was featured on BBC's "Watchdog" last summer and the issues raised by our most recent clients again echo those highlighted on the programme.

"No-one wants to go on holiday and be poorly but the horrendous history of this hotel shows that, disgracefully, there is a better than average chance of that happening if you go to the Holiday Village Turkey."

He added that Irwin Mitchell is now calling on First Choice to agree swift and fair compensation for holidaymakers. He said: "We are seriously concerned by both the illness suffered by our clients, as well as the reports being uploaded onto TripAdvisor about holidaymakers continuing to become ill as a result of poor hygiene standards at the Holiday Village Turkey.

"Many of our clients who have suffered E-coli 0157 have suffered serious consequences including permanent kidney damage. The infection is also known to cause a variety of other serious conditions including severe brain damage.

"First Choice need to sit down with us and negotiate a fair settlement for each holidaymaker who has suffered as a result of their stay at this hotel. It is also imperative that the continuing problems at Holiday Village Turkey are eradicated once and for all. If First Choice can't do this, then they should stop sending their customers there."