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Incinerator Debate ‘Highlights Growing Interest In Environment’

Expert Comments On Rising Debate


A lawyer at Irwin Mitchell has claimed that a major campaign against the construction of around 80 new waste incinerators highlights how environmental issues are rising up both the social and business agenda.

David Egan, who specialises in cases related to investigations by the Environment Agency and local authorities, commented after The Independent reported that the government is set to consider its plans to build more facilities to burn household waste throughout the coming year.

Those in opposition have suggested that the creation of new incinerators will have an impact on many local areas, including on property prices and the possibility of health risks to communities.

Discussing the issue, David Egan of Irwin Mitchell said that both consumer and business trends have led to the creation of much waste which cannot be recycled and more interest in the issue of how to dispose of it.

“The methods of disposal of such large volumes of waste have long been a contentious topic for debate. Both of the accepted methods of disposal of waste - whether by landfill or incineration - have their downsides,” he explained.

“There will always be determined opposition to planning applications in relation to the construction of new waste facilities by those residents who live in the vicinity of the new proposed site.”

Mr Egan added that, as with all matters related to environmental issues, any further efforts to resolve any of the debate surrounding waste disposal and the creation of new incinerators will have to meet the relevant standards.

“The Environmental Protection Act 1990 and other key regulations determine how waste is stored and disposed of,” he outlined.
“In addition, the Environment Agency adopts a proactive approach in taking enforcement action and prosecuting companies and individuals who transgress the law.”