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Importance Of Will Writing ‘Cannot Be Underestimated’

Irwin Mitchell Provides Advice


A legal expert at Irwin Mitchell is calling for more awareness to be raised about the importance of writing a will.

Recent national research has highlighted that almost one in two Britons have not prepared a will outlining their intentions for their estate following their death, with the reasons for not doing so ranging from concerns over the cost of writing a will and simply not getting around to it.

Irwin Mitchell has vast experience in providing support and advice to those going through the process of organising a will.

Louise Sykes, head of the firm’s Wills, Trust and Estate Dispute team, said the research raises major concerns and urged people to address their situation, adding that failing to do so could lead to major consequences for loved ones in the event of their death.

She said: “It is incredibly important to write a will and keep it updated as your personal circumstances change.

“If you do not write a will providing for those who you want to ensure are looked after and to whom you have a responsibility to look after, it can leave large and distressing problems for those who are left.

“For instance, it can often take months or even years to sort these problems out and also lead to the value of the estate being substantially reduced due to the legal costs involved in resolving the problems.”

“People should not make the mistake of thinking any assets will automatically go to a loved one. While some people may not want to think about death, wills are the only way to guarantee your wishes are met.”