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Holidaymaker Demands Lessons Must Be Learnt Following Illness Outbreak At Luxury Resort

Savita Resort And Spa, Sharm El Sheikh


Irwin Mitchell Solicitors have expressed 'serious concerns' about the health and welfare of visitors to Savita resort and Spa in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt after confirming that they have received instructions to act for the second year running and claim that lessons are not being learnt.

Lloyd Williams from Irwin Mitchell's specialist travel law team said: "This is now the second year that we are acting for holidaymakers who have suffered very serious gastric illness at the Savita Resort, and it really is a cause for concern.

"Quite rightly our clients want answers and reassurance that something will be done to prevent further suffering as a result of substandard health and hygiene standards."

The law firm confirmed that they are also acting on behalf of clients who travelled to the resort with First Choice and Virgin Holidays in 2009.

Lloyd Williams said: "Immediate action needs to be taken to ensure the safety of holidaymakers at this hotel. If this is not possible then tour operators need to seriously consider whether or not to continue sending customers there."

Today, Laura Marsh, 31, from Welling in Kent demanded answers from tour operator First Choice after describing how the conditions at the hotel were so appalling she 'genuinely feared for her safety'. She is amongst those who contacted the firm for help after falling violently ill just days into her two week break in August this year.

She said: "My partner and I had saved really hard for this holiday and needless to say we were really looking forward to it, but when we arrived we were shocked to see that there was such an apparent disregard for health and hygiene throughout the hotel.

"Over and over again we were confronted with undercooked food which was left uncovered for hours and seemingly reheated at every opportunity. Everywhere was downright filthy and the swimming pool was covered in a thick film of dirt.

"It is not surprising that I fell ill, I certainly wasn’t the only one and I am just grateful it wasn't worse. The entire time we were there I was genuinely afraid for our safety."

The pharmacy technician suffered severe gastric symptoms such as vomiting and diarrhoea which left her fearful of leaving her room, let alone the hotel grounds.

Laura said: "I was angry enough that I suffered so horrendously but when we returned and found out that First Choice were aware of similar issues from last year I was angrier still. How can they continue to send people there knowing the risks, it’s an absolutely disgrace.

"We have seen the comments on Trip Advisor too about even more people falling ill. What more proof do tour operators need before they recognise that there is a serious problem here and that lessons must be learnt?"