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Head Injured Cyclist Faces Recovery Battle After Being Hit By Taxi Driver

Dangers Of Careless Driving Highlighted By Law Firm



Law firm Irwin Mitchell is warning of the consequences of careless driving after a cyclist suffered a fractured skull when he was knocked from his bike by a taxi driver’s illegal turn.

James Boardwell, 39, from Brocco Bank, Sheffield, is now undergoing rehabilitation to aid his recovery and has asked head injury specialists at Irwin Mitchell for support.

Mr Boardwell was cycling home from work on 25 May 2010 when he was knocked off his bike by a taxi driver making a right turn onto Glossop Road from Hanover Way, Sheffield.

The driver, Nadeem Mohammed, pleaded guilty to careless driving at Sheffield Magistrates Court today and was fined a total of £275. He was also disqualified from driving for six months.

Despite wearing a helmet Mr Boardwell suffered a fractured forehead and now struggles with his memory. He also sustained serious injuries to muscles and tendons in his shoulder which may require surgery

Mr Boardwell has now been able to return to his role as the director of an internet research company, but the extent of his injuries mean he will now need to undergo rehabilitation including physiotherapy to aid his recovery.

Head Injury Expert Committed To Helping Mr Boardwell Access Rehabilitation

Stacy Gee, a head injury specialist at law firm Irwin Mitchell, said: “Through no fault of his own Mr Boardwell suffered serious injuries, and while we are still assessing the extent of his injuries it is clear he will require rehabilitation to help his recovery.

“We are committed to making sure Mr Boardwell is able to access the level of rehabilitation he deserves as he looks to recover from these injuries.

“Motorists need to be aware that if they drive carelessly they are putting the lives and wellbeing of other innocent people at risk, and so often it results in disastrous consequences for the victims.”

Mr Boardwell said: “As a result of my accident I have been struggling with my memory and have had to take time off work, which has made things difficult as I am a company director.
“I missed out on time with my children over the school holidays as it was difficult to manage my recovery at the same time and family members helped out.

"I'm still struggling to do the things I was doing before the accident, like swimming and running, so the shoulder may need to be operated on."