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Energy Firm Given Fine Following Cable Death

Expert Calls For Lessons To Be Learnt


Lessons must be learnt from an incident which saw a 20-year-old worker fatally injured by an electricity cable, an accidents at work claims specialist at Irwin Mitchell has warned.

Scottish Power UK has been fined £130,000 and ordered to pay costs of £48,000 over the death of Simon Lines, who was killed while warning motorists about a power cable which sagged due to high winds.

The cable was then hit by a van and fell on to the road. A car drove over it, causing it to go up into the air and strike the victim on the face. Mr Lines died eight days later from the injuries, rather than by electric shock.

An investigation subsequently revealed the cable had been attached to a wooden block on the side of a nearby building. However, the block’s condition had deteriorated and caused the cable to detach.

David Urpeth, national head of workplace injuries at Irwin Mitchell, said: “This tragic case highlights why it is so important for companies to remain vigilant when it comes to the health and safety of their workers.

“It is welcome that the energy firm has taken steps to address the issue of fixing arrangements like the one which failed in this incident.

“Scottish Power and others within the industry should take steps to avoid anything like this avoidable accident ever happening again.”