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Dog Court Order Figures ‘Highlight Need For Change’

MP Suggests Change To Legislation


New government figures which highlight the rising number of court orders used to ban dogs must lead to a change in legislation, a lawyer at Irwin Mitchell has demanded.

Released following a parliamentary question, the statistics have highlighted that 314 orders related to dogs were issued in 2009, which marks a significant rise from the 141 handed out just two years earlier.

The research has led Labour MP Willie Bain to call for legislation to be amended to ensure legislation no longer just focuses on specific breeds, but also on the responsibilities of owners.

Dog Bite Expert Speaks Out

Commenting on the issue, Katrina Elsey, who specialises in claims related to dog and other animal bites, said: “Awareness of this issue and the debate surrounding it has unfortunately been brought into the spotlight due to the tragic death of Barbara Williams, but it is one which should not be allowed to go away.

“Animal attacks can have a devastating impact on both old and young people, often leaving physical and mental scars which never heal.

“We believe that, while the vast majority of dog owners are responsible, licenses and compulsory insurance for the pets would make people more accountable for any attacks and injuries sustained.

“I urge the government to look closely at this issue and ensure that changes can be introduced which will encourage responsible ownership and hopefully prevent further attacks.”