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Law Firm Urges Tour Operators To Review Hygiene At Tropicana Club Azure

Hotel Illness In Egypt


Experts in travel law at Irwin Mitchell have been contacted by more than a dozen British holidaymakers who fell ill after stays at the Tropicana Club Azure hotel in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt.

The law firm was also contacted by a number of holidaymakers who stayed at the hotel last year.

Jane and Glenn Stevens from Leeds are among those to contact the firm. They blame poor hygiene and food for their illnesses and have asked Irwin Mitchell to help them claim compensation from their tour operator, Thomson.

The couple had to get medication from a local pharmacy and are both still suffering symptoms despite having returned to the UK.

Mrs Stevens said: “We were shocked to see standards so low at the resort during our stay; we noticed that food was frequently not served or kept at the right temperature, it was kept uncovered and they seemed to re-serve the same foods at more than one meal.

“We noticed about 20 other people were ill there during our visit. When we got back we looked online on Trip Advisor and found that we had definitely not been the only ones that had complaints about the hotel.

“Since arriving back from our holiday we have still not been 100 per cent. I am angry and disappointed that Thomson would send us to that resort. I would definitely return to Egypt but I would never return to the Tropicana Club Azure resort again.”

Travel experts at Irwin Mitchell have now called on Thomson to ensure standards at the hotel are improved.

Jatinder Paul said: “Thomson has a duty to ensure that the hotels it sends its clients to are of a reasonable standard. The experiences described by our clients are unacceptable. If a tour operator is not confident that a hotel is safe for guests, they should find suitable alternative accommodation.

“Sadly this is not the first time we have received reports of illness at the Tropicana Club Azure. Last year we also approached by holidaymakers whose holidays were ruined by illness.”