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Travel Lawyer Seeks Explanation After Another Illness Outbreak On Boudicca Cruise Ship

Cruise Ship Illness Claims


A leading expert in holiday illness claims has demanded an explanation after there was yet another illness outbreak on the Boudicca cruise ship.

The ship’s latest voyage is to be cut short after reports that hundreds of passengers have been struck down with Norovirus.

Clive Garner, head of travel law at Irwin Mitchell said the latest outbreak on the liner was a “matter of significant concern”. The firm is already representing 87 passengers taken ill on five separate voyages on the ship.

Mr Garner also raised his concern that Fred Olsen – owners of the ship – is already saying the ship will be ready to set sail again just two days after its scheduled return to Liverpool.

The firm’s website has confirmed that the Boudicca will cut short its current voyage and return to Liverpool two days early for “operational reasons”.

Passengers on board have reported a major illness outbreak including vomiting and diarrhoea. As many as 70% of the ships passengers are thought to have been affected, with many being confined to their cabins. Passengers missed out on trips to three destinations as stops were cancelled.

Alan Einig travelled on the ship with his partner Veronica. They contacted Irwin Mitchell after falling ill and being confined to their cabins.

Alan said: “The ship has currently closed all saunas and swimming pools and all of the self service restaurants are closed also. It’s just not what you expect from a cruise like this. We were looking forward to it, it’s very disappointing.”

Clive Garner said the priority had to be ensuring that the source of the outbreak was identified and that all relevant authorities give the ship a clean bill of health before it is allowed to sail again.

“This latest situation is a matter of significant concern. This is the sixth time in as many months that there has been a major outbreak of illness on this cruise liner and there are growing concerns about the adequacy of protection given to passengers, Hundreds of whom have been affected so far.

“We are uncertain whether this latest outbreak is due to Norovirus or some other cause. The cause clearly needs to be urgently identified and eradicated.

“Whether this is an outbreak of Norovirus, Salmonella or some other cause, while most of those who suffer illness are likely to suffer short term but highly unpleasant symptoms, many are likely to suffer long lasting and sometimes permanent symptoms.”

Mr Garner added that some of the 87 former passengers already being represented by Irwin Mitchell continue to suffer the after-effects of their illness, despite many of them leaving the ship as long ago as October 2009.