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Toyota Found To Have Ignored Safety Warnings

Car Manufacturer Fined By US Government


Investigations have begun in the USA into Toyota’s safety record. The imposition of a $16.3m fine by the US Government has been made after internal documents were disclosed which showed that Toyota had been fully aware of the fault with accelerator pedals on a number of its models for approximately 4 months prior to a recall was issued.

However, the first time that Toyota noted a problem with sticking accelerator pedals was in early 2006. At that time the fault on a Toyota Prius model was deemed to be an isolated incident and no further action was taken.

Internal documents disclosed to the US government as part of an investigation into Toyota’s safety standards detailed floor mat interference with the accelerator pedal and also that accelerator pedals could stick causing unwanted acceleration.

Over 2.3 million Toyota vehicles have been recalled in the USA and a further 1.8 million vehicles recalled across Europe because of these problems. Approximately 180,000 of the recalled vehicles are in the United Kingdom.

The company is facing heavy criticism and media scrutiny as investigations continue into whether it delayed recalling vehicles which were potentially dangerous.

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