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Serious Fraud Office Announces Increase In Conviction Rate

SFO Publishes KPI's


The SFO has published its key results and figures for 2009/10.

The SFO says it has increased its conviction rate in cases brought before the courts in the past year, according to figures it is releasing in advance of its annual report which will be published in the summer.

The conviction rate, measured as defendants convicted over the number tried, has risen from 78% the previous year to 91%. At the same time the agency achieved a 100% success rate in trials where at least one defendant was convicted. The previous year this was measured at 94%.

The KPI's are as follows:

2009-10 budget

  • £44.6 million

Total number of staff

  • 303

Number of active cases

  • 86

Value for money at a cost of

  • 73p for everyone in the UK

Trials and convictions

  • 100% of trials have achieved at least one conviction
  • 91% of defendants, who were tried, were convicted

Compensation And Financial Recovery

  • £4 million has been paid back to victims of crime - almost four times more than in 2008-09
  • £11.8 million has been recovered in corporate fines and channelled back into the court system
  • £5 million has been recovered from cases through civil means, more than double the value achieved in 2008-09

Using new powers available this year, the SFO have been able to search for cash and retain it as the investigations continue.  The SFO have seized £240,000 since November 2009

Supporting International Partners

The SFO has supported 34 other countries with their requests for information to tackle fraud and corruption.

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