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Probe Raises NHS Diagnoses Doubts

Secret Investigation Into Hospitals In Bristol Area


An inquiry into more than 3,000 NHS tissue samples has been launched after doctors raised doubts about how accurately the tests were read.

The Sunday Telegraph said the secret investigation into Bristol-area hospitals was initiated after a number of people died because of suspected misdiagnoses.

It is understood that four doctors at different sites expressed concern that repeated errors were being made by one of the hospitals' laboratories.

Among those cases being considered is Jane Hopes, a 55-year-old senior NHS manager who died three years after being told a lump was benign.

Her family said she was never told of the possibility that a mistake had been made, nor had they been made aware that her case formed part of the investigation.

A total of 26 cases are said to be of particular concern to the probe, with submissions by doctors indicating blunders may have contributed to the death of a child, late diagnosis, and patients being treated for the wrong illnesses.

All claims focus on either lung, gynaecology, breast, or dermatology pathology.

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Kate Easy, a medical negligence lawyer from law firm Irwin Mitchell said: “News of these wrongly interpreted tests is extremely concerning, in particular to the patients involved and their families. We look forward to the outcome of the investigation from which lessons will hopefully be learnt.”