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Family Appeals For Help With Asbestos Investigation At Cravens



The family of a Sheffield man who died from mesothelioma is appealing for former colleagues to come forward and help prove he was exposed to asbestos whilst working at the renowned Cravens factory.

Alan Brownley, from Sheffield, died from the terminal lung cancer, which develops as a result of exposure to asbestos. He believed he contracted the disease while working as a purchasing assistant at Cravens, the famous Sheffield coachbuilder, in the 1960s.

Mr Brownley worked at Cravens from 1964-1966, a time when a large number of former other workers at the company developed mesothelioma. His role at the company involved him needing to make regular trips onto the factory floor, and this is where he believed he was exposed to asbestos.

Irwin Mitchell is now investigating the conditions at Cravens on behalf of Mr Brownley's family, and is calling for help from anybody who worked at the company in the 1960s.

Keith Hague, Solicitor at Irwin Mitchell, said: "We believe Mr Brownley's mesothelioma, like so many others, was caused as a result of his exposure to asbestos whilst he was working at Cravens.

"Because mesothelioma takes so many years to develop, it is difficult to prove where somebody was exposed to asbestos without witnesses, so we urge anybody who worked with Mr Brownley or worked at Cravens around that time to come forward and help with our investigation."

Mr Brownley's widow said:  "Alan never worried about danger of asbestos because no one ever told him it was unsafe. Now, some 30-40 years on many of the people who worked with asbestos are developing an incurable lung cancer which could have been avoidable if they had been provided with better advice and equipment.

"Sadly many of Alan's former colleagues have also suffered mesothelioma, and many of these have since died, and I ask anybody who thinks they may have any information to contact Irwin Mitchell to help with the investigation."

Anybody with any relevant information should contact Keith Hague on 0370 1500 100 or at keith.hague@irwinmitchell.com.