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‘Disillusioned And Disappointed’: Uk Pensioner Takes Legal Action Over Salmonella Poisoning

Palma Nova Palace, Mallorca


'Disillusioned And Disappointed': Uk Pensioner Takes Legal Action Over Salmonella Poisoning

A British pensioner hit by Salmonella poisoning after a trip to a Mallorcan resort says the experience left him 'disillusioned and disappointed' as the holiday from hell saw him hooked up to a drip.

Henry Stephenson, 73, took the ten-day holiday with his wife to the Palma Nova Palace, Mallorca in October 2009.

The trip, which he describes as the worst he'd ever had, was ruined as he spent the majority of his time bedridden with severe gastric illness. Mr Stephenson's UK doctor has confirmed the poisoning to be Salmonella, believed to have been caused by food eaten at the resort.

Now Mr Stephenson has instructed travel expert Amandeep Dhillon at Irwin Mitchell to take legal action against the tour operator Thomas Cook.

Mr Stephenson, from Seaham, Co Durham, said: "It was, by far, the worst holiday we've ever had. We were just two pensioners in a foreign country – we thought we could trust a reputable company like Thomas Cook but they weren't helpful to us at all.

"I became very ill and was eventually put on a drip for dehydration – they gave me an injection to stop the sickness but even after that I was bedridden.

"I am disillusioned and disappointed to say the least with Thomas Cook, both by the lack of service given to us by the representative at the hotel and the information they gave us on how to get healthcare in an emergency was patchy at best."

Amandeep Dhillon added: "This is not the first time we have seen illness of this kind among UK tourists at this resort.

"You have to put yourselves in Mr Stephenson's shoes - he wanted a relaxing break and put his faith in the tour operator and the hotel staff to provide that. However, infected ridden food left him seriously ill in a foreign hospital, and he was forced to wait out the rest of his holiday in bed.

"Salmonella is far more dangerous - even potentially deadly - to the elderly and despite the acute illness suffered by Mr Stephenson it is a relief that nothing more serious happened.

"It is the responsibility of the tour operator to ensure that standards are maintained so that holidaymakers' health is not put at risk. We invite Thomas Cook to enter into early and constructive negotiations with us to enable the fair and prompt compensation of our clients."