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Pilot Error 'Caused Death Crash'

Microlight Aircraft Accident


The pilot and passenger of a Pegasus Quik microlight aircraft died when airframe modifications failed after being incorrectly fitted, causing it to crash, an inquest has had heard.

The passenger, Daniel Attubato, and his wife Yvonne, from Maidstone, had been flying in separate microlights for trial lessons that were presents from her parents.

According to an Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB), fittings on Mr Attubato's microlight had been modified to comply with a requirement that additional rivets be fitted.

But, says the report, "the additional rivets were not only fitted incorrectly, and without reference to the Service Bulletin, but two of them did not match the specification of those rivets supplied by the manufacturer in the modification kit. Additionally, no duplicate independent inspection was carried out on the correct embodiment of the modification."

Mr Attubato had been flying with part-time instructor Terry Stewart, 50, of Orpington, Kent, who with friend John Whelan, an inspector from the British Microlight Aircraft Association (BMAA), had carried out the modifications.

The inquest heard that Mr Whelan had not been shown the service bulletin sent to Mr Stewart, but had heard about the modification via other owners.

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