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Family Holiday Ruined By Poor Hygiene At Egyptian Hotel

Gastric Illness In Egypt


A family who had their holiday completely ruined when they all fell ill with gastric illness are calling for more stringent measures to monitor standards at foreign hotels.

Leslie and Karen Darlow, along with their children, Michael, 20 and Lewis, 18, travelled with tour operator First Choice to the Three Corners Fayrouz Plaza Beach Resort in Egypt for a two-week holiday at the start of July.

The family, from Blackpool, all fell ill within days of arriving at the four star resort, suffering symptoms including frequent diarrhoea and vomiting.  Leslie almost passed out on one occasion and they were all lethargic and suffering with nausea.  Mum Karen, 46, was so bad that she was placed on drip after visiting the doctor at the clinic in the hotel.

They have now instructed law firm Irwin Mitchell to take legal action against the tour operator.

Leslie, 48, said: “We’ve never had an experience like it, it was horrific. We weren’t the only ones who got ill, people were dropping like flies and I don’t think it is right that people should be sent to these places if they are not suitable."

“The food was frequently undercooked, I saw cross-contamination when the same tongs were used on raw chicken and then cooked chicken.  The kitchen staff would only rinse glasses with water, they didn’t use any detergent and would give them straight back to guests.

“It makes me so angry that basic hygiene procedures were not in place at this hotel.  We know of at least ten more families that were affected, just while we were staying there, so there must be countless more over the whole summer season.  There should be tougher rules on standards of cleanliness and hygiene at hotels and they should be carefully monitored.”

Leslie added: “Our holiday was completely spoilt. We save up all year to have a relaxing two weeks and spend some quality time as a family and we’ve all come back feeling worse than when we went away and feeling anything but relaxed.”

Harpal Johal, from Irwin Mitchell’s International Travel Litigation Team, representing the couple, said: “Failures at the hotel ruined what should have been an enjoyable family summer holiday.

“No holidaymaker should have to suffer as a result of poor standards of health and hygiene, and First Choice was responsible for ensuring that the Three Corners was safe and suitable for holidaymakers to stay there. If they cannot ensure holidaymakers’ safety then they shouldn’t send them there. We hope that First Choice will now work with us to provide swift and fair compensation for our clients.”