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Hairdressers Urged To Use Gloves

Dermatitis In Hairdressing


The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has carried out a trial aimed at encouraging hairdressers to use non-latex gloves in the workplace in a bid to prevent skin-related conditions such as dermatitis.

Seven in 10 hairdressers could suffer from skin damage at some point as they are 17 times more likely to suffer from work-related skin damage than any other type of worker.

The HSE invited 750 salons across the country to take part in the trial, in which each salon was given a free supply of long-sleeved vinyl and nitrile gloves along with a campaign pack containing skincare information and advice.

Hairdressers were asked to use the gloves for all "wet work" - tasks involving skin contact with water and products.

The trial was hailed a success, with 80% of those who took part reporting that the gloves were comfortable to wear and 62% saying they would wear gloves for wet work in future.

Wendy Nixon, health and safety manager at Habia, an industry body for the hair and beauty industry, commented: "The feedback from hairdressers has been really positive and we are optimistic that more and more salons will see the benefits of using the longer length gloves in all wet work."

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Mark Allen from law firm Irwin Mitchell said: "Having handled claims on behalf of hairdressers for dermatitis I welcome the HSE's guidance and the positive feedback that the trials of non latex gloves has produced. Salon owners should pay special attention to the risks posed to their staff through exposure to chemicals and other materials that are commonly experienced by workers in this industry".