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Statement: Caroline Mitchell Re. William Stanton

William Stanton


It was announced in the Royal Courts of Justice by Mrs Justice Cox on Monday, March 3rd that William Stanton would receive compensation in full for injuries sustained in a car crash in 2003 when he was 16.

Caroline Mitchell from law firm Irwin Mitchell represents Mr Stanton. She said: "Following the decision at the Royal Courts of Justice we will now enter a process of quantifying the amount of compensation Mr Stanton will receive.

"This amount will aim to ensure that he has access to the necessary care and rehabilitation that he needs for all of his injuries, many of which are not physically visible, as well as ensuring that he is able to live as independent and fulfilling a life as possible within the confines of his disability. This process is likely to take several years.

"Any compensation that is received will be carefully managed by the courts on his behalf to make sure that his needs are met for the rest of his life, taking into consideration that his injuries have left him unable to work and therefore earn a wage."