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Sisters' Victims Of Holiday From Hell

Holiday From Hell At Marina Lodge Hotel


A woman from West Yorkshire who became so ill on her holiday to Egypt that she was put on an IV drip is taking legal action against tour operator Thomas Cook following the "holiday from hell".

50 year old Diane Harris travelled with her sister Wendy Greenwood (37) and stayed at the Marina Lodge Hotel in December 2008, for what was intended to be a relaxing break in the sun.

A few days into the holiday, both Mrs Harris and Miss Greenwood were struck down with gastric illness suffering from diarrhoea, stomach cramps, vomiting and high temperatures. Miss Greenwood was so ill that she had to be administered with an IV drip by doctors at the hotel. Mrs Harris also had to see doctors at the resort and even when returning home they both did not recover for a considerable amount of time and had to have medical treatment.

Miss Greenwood commented that food standards were far below what should be expected. "The food was often reheated; there was so much repetition with the menu." She continued to comment that food was often undercooked and on occasions "I had to return food back to the chef." Miss Greenwood also found food was left uncovered allowing flies to land on it.

Mrs Harris commented that hygiene standards were poor in the hotel. She stated that she was horrified to observe the cleaner 'use the same brush to clean the toilet and then clean the sink.' She went on to say that there were always flies and cockroaches in the bedroom, and the pool did not seem to be clean. 'On the whole the hotel did not meet the level of cleanliness one would expect.'

Amandeep Dhillon, a travel lawyer with Irwin Mitchell Solicitors, said: "It is of great concern that Mrs Harris and Miss Greenwood were not able to have the relaxing holiday they had hoped for. Worse still, both Miss Greenwood and Mrs Harris were still ill after returning home.

"Clearly holidaymakers should be able to enjoy their break without the fear of having to receive medical treatment as a result of the standards of hygiene.

"If basic health and hygiene guidelines were followed properly then it is likely that Mrs Harris and Miss Greenwood would not have fallen ill. We are hopeful that the tour operator Thomas Cook who sold our clients their holiday will quickly and fully compensate our clients. Failing this, Court proceedings will be commenced."