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Former Rover Employee In Successful Claim For Noise Induced Hearing Loss

Noise induced hearing loss case


An ex Rover assembler has won compensation after being diagnosed with noise induced hearing loss as a result of working in noisy conditions.

Mr Salmon, who worked for MG Rover Group Limited for over 20 years, also suffered tinnitus, a high pitched and constant ringing in the ears caused by long term exposure to excessive noise.

Mr Salmon successfully settled his claim out of Court for a four figure sum, despite the company's dissolution.

Lee Carnall of Irwin Mitchell Solicitors, who represented Mr Salmon, commented: "This case represents a common problem in noise induced hearing loss matters. Exposure to excessive levels of noise can occur a long time prior to a person’s onset of symptoms of a hearing loss. In that time, as in this case, the Company could be in liquidation or dissolved. However all claims can be successfully pursued as long as the Employers’ Liability Insurance provider can be traced. I would encourage any person who notices a hearing problem and has previously worked in excessive levels of noise to contact a Solicitor immediately for expert advice".