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Walker Races To Partner Status At Irwin Mitchell

Nicola Walker Family Law Expert


Nicola Walker, a family law expert at the Birmingham office of law firm, Irwin Mitchell, has been promoted from associate to partner.

Kevin Harris-James, partner and head of the Private Client and Family Law team says: "Nicola joined us towards the end of 2007. Her swift promotion is a well-deserved recognition of her outstanding contribution to the success and reputation of the team here."

Nicola's expertise, particularly in the area of collaborative law has played a not insignificant part in the practice's continuing success and expansion. "Where a couple is considering divorce and want to maintain cordial relations, especially important if there are children involved, collaborative law comes into its own," explains Nicola.

"The process involves the couple agreeing to a series of meetings held in one or other solicitors' offices. The couple can agree the pace to suit themselves and the overall atmosphere tends to be civilised.

"This branch of the divorce process is still relatively new and there are not that many qualified practitioners. I have been given the notional role of press officer for the collaborative lawyers in the Midlands and I also find that a number of other legal firms are recommending me to any of their clients who wish to follow the collaborative route."

That Nicola should find other lawyers referring clients to her is not that surprising, given that she has the reputation of being a 'solicitor's solicitor' after representing a number of legal and other professional services clients in divorce proceedings.

Nicola, who lives in Lower Broadheath in Worcestershire, has more than 20 years' family law experience, gained in Birmingham and with the Worcester office of law firm Harrison Clark.

"I was first attracted to Irwin Mitchell by the prospect of teaming up with Kevin Harris-James, having faced him from the opposite side of the court for many years. It seemed like an exciting opportunity and my joining the firm has proved to be the right decision for me, for him and the team as, while we have very different styles we are, in so many ways, professionally compatible.

"I am delighted to have been made a partner and I look forward to assuming greater responsibilities, which will include developing the business and also supporting the career development of others in the family law team. A former colleague from Worcester, solicitor Shanti Giles, joined me at Irwin Mitchell recently as part of the practice’s expansion and I am very pleased to be working with her again. The family practice at Irwin Mitchell continues to grow in size and stature and I look forward to playing my role in its on-going success."