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Motorists Flout Seatbelt Laws

Seatbelt Laws


A total of 85 people were caught flouting seatbelt laws within a three hour period in Birmingham.

Each offender caught in Coventry Road was given a £30 fine by West Midlands Police just days after the force said too many people were still ignoring calls to wear a seat belt.

It is thought by officers that up to 20% of people travelling in cars are not abiding with the law.

Stephen Nye of IM Birmingham commented; "This initiative by West Midlands police highlights the alarming frequency with which drivers are ignoring the laws in respect of wearing seatbelts and ensuring proper child seats are installed.

I know from many road accident cases how vital a seatbelt can be in preventing injury altogether or reducing the seriousness of injuries. Drivers should also be aware that they may be liable if they have failed to ensure that proper child seats are being used in their cars.

It is hoped that the results of the police clampdown will encourage drivers to think more carefully about the safety of themselves and their passengers."