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Redditch Family Holiday Ruined Following Illness In Turkey

Illness outbreak at Club Sun City Hotel, Turkey


A Redditch family is amongst 13 British holidaymakers who are planning to take legal action after an outbreak of illness at a Turkish hotel ruined their holiday in August last year.

Andrew and Jacqueline Damico, both aged 45, and their 12 year old son Anthony from Greenlands, all fell ill whilst staying at the all-inclusive Club Sun City Hotel in Olu Deniz in Turkey, which tour operator First Choice advertised as a luxury 4 star plus hotel.

Only a few days into the holiday, Anthony became unwell with severe diarrhoea.  Soon after, Jacqueline began to experience diarrhoea and Andrew also started to suffer from severe diarrhoea, bleeding and abdominal cramps.

Mr Damico commented: "I have never in my life been on a holiday where I have wanted to come back home so much."

The family were not alone in suffering illness.  Mr Damico continued: "There were queues of people waiting to see the hotel doctor throughout the day."

The Damico family claim that, during their stay, the standard of hygiene within the restaurant was unacceptable.  Serving dishes were not covered and, as a result, flies and wasps were gathered around the food. Tables were left uncleared for long periods of time and the crockery and cutlery was often dirty.

Mr Damico said: "On one occasion I was served chicken that was so undercooked that it was still bloody inside. I felt disgusted."

The swimming pool facilities were little better, according to the Damico family. Despite people being ill in and around the pool, it took numerous complaints from holidaymakers before hotel staff finally cleaned the soiled and contaminated pool and surrounding area.

Now, several months later, Andrew Damico continues to suffer ongoing symptoms as a result of the gastric illness he contracted at the Club Sun City Hotel. 

Amandeep Dhillon from the travel law team at Irwin Mitchell solicitors, who is representing the Damico family and 10 other holidaymakers affected, said: "It is unacceptable that people are being subjected to such ordeals during their holiday. The conditions that Mr Damico and his family endured were totally unsatisfactory.

"Guests should be able to relax on holiday, safe in the knowledge that they are going to a hotel that employs high standards of health and hygiene. It is not acceptable that people’s health and safety are put at risk."