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Four Killed in Plane Collision

Air cadets and RAF members in plane collision


Two teenage air cadets have been killed alongside their RAF instructors in a mid-air plane collision.

It is thought that the accident, above sand dunes on the South Wales coast, happened when the two planes clipped each other's wings.

Cousins Nikkita Marie Walters, 13, and Katie-Jo Davies, 14, from Gilfach Goch in the Rhondda area of South Wales, were being taken on a half-hour "flight experience" when the two aircraft crashed above sand dunes on the South Wales coast.

The instructors were named as Hylton Price, 63, from Bridgend, and 24-year-old Andrew Marsh, from the Vale of Glamorgan.

The planes crashed less than half an hour after setting off on a round trip from nearby RAF St Athan, in the Vale of Glamorgan.

RAF Group Captain Andy Naismith said: "Four members of the RAF family have tragically lost their lives following an accident which took place near Porthcawl. Those who died were two members of the RAF and two Air Training Corps cadets."

The aircraft were twin-seater propeller Grob Tutor aircraft. The Air Accidents Investigation Branch, South Wales Police and the Ministry of Defence have launched a full investigation.

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