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Tackling Serious Organised Crime

Tax Investigation


The Home Office have set out their strategy for various reforms they wish to make to ensure that the government, law enforcement agencies, businesses and the public have the necessary tools to reduce the harm caused by organised crime.

The strategy will:

  • Permit the use of tax powers to target criminals;
  • Allow for the closure of "front businesses" that are used to mask criminal purposes;
  • Block the use of mobile telephones in prisons;
  • Establish Regional Asset Recovery Teams in every part of the country to target the proceeds of crime;
  • Taking a new approach to conduct tax investigations;
  • Investigate assets based in the UK of criminals from overseas;
  • And improve efforts to tackle organised crime on an international level by increasing co-operation with overseas agencies;

The Home Office believe they will do more to than before against organised crime, including:

  • Rolling out regional asset recovery teams across the country;
  • Taking a new approach to conduct tax investigations against those who have up evaded the system;
  • Unveiling a new strategy against organised criminals in prison;
  • And making greater use of administrative and civil powers to disrupt the activities of organised criminals including shutting down their 'front' businesses.

The paper can be found at http://www.homeoffice.gov.uk/documents/extending-our-reach.