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Sports Worker Injury Case Settled

Man Injured In Manual Handling Accident


A Rochdale sports centre supervisor has been awarded £50,000 in compensation after he injured his back lifting a faulty set of swimming pool steps.

David Barber, a 20-year veteran at the sports centre run by the local council said he had complained about the steps before he damaged his back lifting them.

Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council did not admit liability but settled after prosecution proceedings began.

His spokesperson said: "Mr Barber has not just lost a job he loved, he has also lost his independence and the council has lost a dedicated member of staff because they failed to listen to his warnings over health and safety.

"Back injuries are preventable and yet they are one of the most common forms of injury amongst workers and millions of pounds are awarded in compensation each year.

"We want the authorities to enforce the legislation, which would help to provide a deterrent to employers."

David Urpeth from law firm Irwin Mitchell said: “I welcome the compensation obtained by Mr Barber following his work accident.

“Employers have a duty to provide suitable work equipment and to ensure that work equipment is properly maintained.  If employers fail to do so and their failure leads to an accident at work, they are likely to face a claim for compensation.”