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Merseyside GP's Sexual Assault Victims To Get Crucial Report At Last

GP sexual assault case


A report by St Helen’s Primary Care Trust into the handling of complaints against Bromborough GP Dr Roy Murray is finally due to be released next Wednesday 6th May, five years after he was found guilty of 23 counts of indecent assault.

The report is a long awaited stage 2 of an inquiry instigated by NHS Northwest Strategic Health Authority after it was alleged that complaints made by women in the 1980s were not investigated properly or at all by the PCT. It is expected to be wide-ranging.

Ally Taft, from personal injury law firm Irwin Mitchell in Manchester, who has been acting for eight of the 30 victims, all of whom live in the St Helen’s area, commented: "This, finally, will be the chance for our clients to see what actions the Trust is taking, what lessons have been learnt and how this will be prevented in future. Our clients have a right to know how this happened."

In August 2004 Dr Murray was convicted of numerous counts of indecent assault relating to his female patients. 

NHS Northwest SHA instigated a Stage 1 serious critical incident report which was produced by St Helens Primary Care Trust (PCT) in May 2005. Since then the inquiry team have been working towards Stage 2 of the report.

Solicitors representing the women will see the report in advance on 1 May 2009, but its findings will be embargoed until 6th May 2009. The NHS Northwest SHA is expected to hold a public meeting in Liverpool on that date to formally present the report. It will also be published on their website on 6th May.

To organise interviews with Ally Taft and receive reaction to the report from one or more of her clients please contact Emma Beardsley or Christina Stocks on the number below.

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