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Lorry 'on wrong side of the road'

Lorry accident


A court has heard how a lorry driver was driving on the wrong side of the road before he hit a vehicle, killing its 68-year-old driver.

Denis Gibbons, 68, from Putley, near Ledbury, was pronounced dead at the scene after suffering severe head injuries.

Jose Tito Ferriera-Cardoso, 50, from Portugal, was seen by motorist Eunice Ingleby pulling out of a lay-by and driving on the right-hand side of the road of the A438 close to the Trumpet crossroads, in Herefordshire.

Mrs Ingleby, from Yorkshire, said she had slowed waiting for the lorry to pull over to the correct side of the road, but she told Hereford Crown Court that it did not.

She described holding back to avoid a drastic situation, but saw the wagon swerve and then heard a bang.

Mr Ferriera-Cardoso denies causing death by dangerous driving and driving in the manner described.

The trial continues.

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Stephen Nye from law firm Irwin Mitchell said: "This is a very tragic case which highlights a recurring problem on our roads. Unfortunately foreign HGV drivers are not entirely familiar with driving on the left and there are occasions when they mistakenly revert to driving on the right. This is also a problem with regard to mirror checks and overtaking manoeuvres. There have been other high profile incidents where lives have been lost at the hands of foreign drivers.

"Anyone affected in such circumstances would of course be entitled to pursue a claim for damages against the HGV driver."