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Couple’s Holiday In Venezuela Ruined By Illness

Holiday Compensation Claims


A couple whose holiday in Venezuela was ruined by a sickness outbreak have joined a group of holidaymakers taking legal action over conditions at the hotel.

Sandra Sweeney and husband Jeffrey were celebrating Mr Sweeney’s birthday at the Pueblo Caribe International Beach Hotel on Margarita Island, Venezuela.

The couple say illness ruined their holiday and left them desperate to return to the UK a week early.

Mr and Mrs Sweeney report overflowing toilets, dirty water, rats and food shortages at the hotel. They also say that waiters would not serve guests until they had been paid.

The couple were both confined to their room after they were struck down by diarrhoea, stomach cramps and vomiting. Mrs Sweeney’s symptoms continued even after she returned to the UK.

Mrs Sweeney said “The experience was so upsetting that we wanted to leave the resort a week early but couldn’t, as the cost of an earlier flight out was more than we could afford. I have never cried because of a holiday before but what was supposed to be a celebration turned into a disaster.”

The couple also had to fix an overflowing toilet in their room after hotel maintenance staff had failed to resolve the problem.

A number of other holidaymakers have reported similar problems at the hotel in recent months. Vishal Mahay of Irwin Mitchell is representing the Sweeneys and a number of other holidaymakers.

Mr Mahay said: “Quite simply, our clients deserve far better than the conditions which they have described. People go on holiday for a break and to relax, not to end up being poorly.”

He added: “It just isn’t good enough to have a number of people falling ill and the hotel and tour operators need to make sure lessons have been learnt here. We have written to First Choice with details of our clients’ claims and urge them to compensate them for their loss and suffering.”