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Holiday Nightmare for Family from Colchester

Illness In Turkey


A family of five from Colchester in Essex are taking legal action against tour operator Freedom Direct, after their dream holiday was ruined through illness.

Hayley Hughes (35) and Stephen Hughes (43) along with their three young sons stayed at the Tropicas Hotel in Alanya Turkey in July, in what should have been a relaxing family holiday. However, the whole family were soon struck down by a violent illness, with symptoms of diarrhoea, abdominal pain and sickness. The family are still suffering from illness today as a result of the holiday.

They complained to hotel staff as well as their tour representative about the poor level of hygiene at the hotel after they became concerned with the quality of the food, which appeared to be left uncovered for long periods of time and exposed to flies.  They were also concerned that their bedroom was in a state of disrepair, with damp and mould growing on the ceiling and exposed electrical cables from a shaving light. The family were later moved to a new room but were alarmed by the sight of blood stained pillow cases, plumbing problems with the shower and minimal bed linen between the family of five.

Mr. Hughes said: "I was extremely disappointed with the whole experience of the holiday, it was unfortunate that we had saved all year to enjoy a family holiday abroad only to spend it being violently ill. I am frustrated at the fact that the staff and our tour operator were unable to help us during the whole holiday, I feel we have no choice left but to take legal action against our tour operator."

Rajbir Somel of the Travel Law Team at Irwin Mitchell Solicitors, who is representing Mr. and Mrs. Hughes said:  “Mr. and Mrs. Hughes and their family had gone on holiday for two weeks to enjoy themselves but with the illness, and poor health and safety conditions within the hotel, their holiday was ruined.

"We have had a number of enquires this year from families who went to the same hotel, and reported similar problems. It is clear that there are issues with the hotel yet nothing has been done by the tour operator to combat the problem.

"It is vital that tour operators are researching and carrying out regular inspections on the hotels that they send their customers to in order to avoid the types of problems that the Hughes family faced."