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Divorces Mirror House Price Falls

Divorce Rate


New research has revealed that falling house prices could actually be having a positive impact on the country's divorce rates.

There appears to be a strong link between changes in house prices and the number of divorces in England and Wales, according to property group Savills.

As the average age of divorcing couples is getting older, more equity is involved and so falling prices mean that divorce becomes less affordable, the group said.

Lucian Cook, Savills' director of research, said: "The seven-year itch is becoming the 20 to 25-year itch. They are couples who have climbed the housing ladder and, having generated significant equity, divide it between them when they separate."

The divorce rate in England and Wales is at its lowest in 26 years, according to figures from the Office of National Statistics. For every 1,000 of the married population, 11.9 people get divorced.

Meanwhile, there has been a striking rise in couples aged over 50 getting divorced. This has put the average age for a divorce at 43 for men and 41 for women.

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