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Police Officer Handed Jail Term

Police Assault


A former police officer has received a 12-week prison sentence for assaulting a man he was arresting.

Two colleagues reported the behaviour of Andrew Graham, who was serving as a PC with the Metropolitan Police in Brent, north London.

The officers had been on patrol in Wembley on January 31 this year when they came across a drunk on a bench.

Mr Graham, 37, from Wembley, took the man aside and kicked his legs away so he fell to the floor. He then kicked him repeatedly.

Judge Michael Snow, sentencing at City of Westminster Magistrates' Court, said: "The man was vulnerable because he was drunk and because who would believe him when he claimed you had assaulted him?

"You were on duty in full uniform, which gave you significant power over this man, and you abused this power."

He said he accepted that the victim was a "violent and obnoxious drunk", but Mr Graham committed the assault "for reasons not clear."

Mr Graham was ordered to serve six weeks of his jail sentence and the other six will be suspended.

The court heard that Mr Graham resigned from the Met when he realised he would not be able to continue his job.

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Ifti Manzoor from law firm Irwin Mitchell's actions against the police team said: "This seems to be a serious abuse of power by the police which has resulted in a custodial sentence. Whilst accepting the police have a difficult job to do, it is important that no more force is used than necessary when affecting an arrest. This sends out a clear message that such behaviour by the police will not be tolerated. There are certainly grounds for a civil action against the police to be pursued."

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