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British Tourists Make Holiday Complaints After Illness Outbreak

Illness In Turkey


A group of British holidaymakers are considering legal action after their holidays at the Club Sun City Hotel in Turkey were hit by illness.

The group includes the Wallis family from Dover who have decided to seek compensation from tour operator First Choice.

Kirk and Louise Wallis and their son Ben all fell ill within days of arriving at the hotel, with symptoms including diarrhoea, abdominal pains and sickness.

The family believe their illness may have been caused by food being left uncovered or not being cooked thoroughly.

The Wallis family also say that despite booking two rooms, they were given one dirty room which smelt of sewage. After complaining to hotel staff, the only alternative they were given was for Louise to stay in another hotel while Kirk and Ben stayed at the Sun City Hotel.

Liz Tetzner, a travel lawyer at Irwin Mitchell is representing the family and said: “We are currently investigating whether basic health and hygiene measures had been implemented at this hotel. Our clients feel that they have no option but to seek compensation as a result of the poor standards and ill health that they have suffered on their holiday.”