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Illness Onboard Diamond Princess Cruise Liner

Diamond Princess cruise illness


It is reported that a large number of passengers have become ill with symptoms of gastric illness after the Diamond Princess cruise liner has allegedly been struck down with suspected Norovirus during its current itinerary.
The Diamond Princess Cruise liner which is operated by Princess Cruises owned by the Carnival Corporation PLC has allegedly been quarantined in Shanghai after it is thought that up to 400 passengers have been affected by the illness which is highly contagious.
It is reported that large numbers of passengers have been unable to go ashore due to the quarantine regulations meaning that many passenger's holidays have been ruined and their health put at risk.
Clive Garner, Head of Irwin Mitchell's International Travel Litigation Group who has previously won compensation for Hundreds of Norovirus victims said "There are clear protocols for handling outbreaks of this kind. It is particularly important that the outbreak is contained and that the risk of transmission is reduced as early as possible. Once the outbreak is under control, questions will need to be asked about when the first cases of illness occurred and whether all necessary steps were taken to prevent the spread of infection at the earliest opportunity. If not, passengers have a right to know why and they may be entitled to substantial damages if they have gone on to contract illness on board the Diamond Princess."
Irwin Mitchell would like to hear from anyone affected by this incident.