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Weighing Scales put Lives at Risk

Use of bathroom scales caused wrong dose of radiation


A four-year-old cancer patient has been given a potentially harmful dose of radiation treatment following the use of inappropriate weighing scales used by the hospital. Ordinary bathroom scales were used to work out the child's radiation dosage.

Specialist types of scales are available and should be used in these circumstances. Domestic scales are appropriate for weighing of patients as part of check ups but they are not accurate enough to work out appropriate levels of medication.

The Department of Health has now issued a weighing scale warning after many hospitals have been found to be using inappropriate or faulty weighing scales. The Department of Health has asked hospitals to check their weighing scales to ensure that they are in working order and that they are using the correct type.

If you or someone you know has been affected by this issue please contact our specialist team for further information on: 0870 1500 100