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Parents Of Army Cadet Call For Criminal Charges

Cadet Boating Accident


The death of a 14 year old Army cadet from Aberdeenshire in a boating accident has prompted her parents to call for criminal charges to be brought against the organisers.

Kaylee McIntosh from Fyvie drowned in the Outer Hebrides last summer after the boat she was travelling in capsized whist she was wearing the wrong kind of lifejacket.

The teenager became trapped under the boat and a Marine Accident Investigation Branch report has said that the extra buoyancy of the jacket, which was not approved for use by children, would have kept her pinned there.

In addition, Kaylee was trapped for an hour and a half due to a head count error, before it was noticed she was missing.

Her parents have welcomed the fact that there is to be a public inquiry.

Zoe Sutton from Irwin Mitchell's Armed Forces Injury Team commented, "This is a sad and tragic accident resulting in the avoidable death of a young Cadet.

"The MoD has a duty of care to ensure the safety of Army Cadets in their care, as they do with regular service personnel and indeed the MoD owe a higher duty of care to minors in their care. I would hope that the Board of Inquiry will make appropriate recommendations that will ensure that accidents like this are prevented at all costs in the future."

Irwin Mitchell - Armed Forces Accident Claims Team

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