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Review of Pleural Plaques Ruling


The Ministry of Justice is to oversee a consultation on the law lords' pleural plaques ruling.

The review, announced by the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Justice, Bridget Prentice, will begin in June and should by concluded in time for inclusion in November's Queen's speech.

Options including restoring the right to compensation for pleural plaques - removed by the Lords last year - are up for consideration.

Pleural plaques are well-demarcated usually bilateral areas of fibrosis present on the inner surface of the ribcage and the diaphragm. They rarely cause symptoms but are a sign of asbestos damage and are linked to a heightened risk of developing fatal illnesses such as mesothelioma.

Mrs Prentice said: "The consultation period will begin very soon, and I hope that as a result my honourable Friends will see serious action from the Government, who are committed to helping people with pleural plaques and asbestos-related diseases."

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