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Nursery Closed In E.Coli Outbreak

E-coli Outbreak


A nursery has been partially closed in Cumbria after four children were taken ill in an outbreak of E.coli. The pre-school section of the Happy Tots Nursery in Barrow was shut on Monday 23rd of June after the O157 strain of the infection was traced to the site. One of the children is being treated in hospital for symptoms, including diarrhoea and stomach cramps.

Dr Nigel Calvert, of the Health Protection Agency (HPA), has advised that: "All parents have been contacted and given advice and all children will be screened before being allowed to return. The on-set of the infections were grouped to 14 and 15 June and the incubation period for the strain is only three to four days. The cause of the outbreak is still under investigation."

The HPA is working on the case with Cumbria Primary Care Trust and Barrow Borough Council.

Kate Monk from law firm Irwin Mitchell said: "The health consequences of e-coli infection can be very serious and young children in particular are vulnerable. Schools and nurseries are required to have rigorous health and safety procedures in place. Therefore if it is the case that the procedures were not adequately enforced, children who have been affected may be entitled to compensation."