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New Drink-Drive Campaign Launched

Drink Drive Penalties


A campaign to highlight the lasting impact of drink driving is being launched by Road Safety Minister Jim Fitzpatrick.

The £1.6m THINK! campaign emphasises that a drink-drive conviction stays on your license for 11 years, which can affect your job prospects.

Jim Fitzpatrick said: "Drink drivers put themselves and others in serious danger, but getting behind the wheel after drinking can have a devastating impact on your life even if you avoid a crash.

"You'll get a minimum 12-month driving ban and a large fine - and the record will stay on your license for 11 years.

"As the weather gets warmer we all want to be out enjoying ourselves and might end up drinking when we hadn't planned to, but that doesn't mean we have to drive home.

"If you've had a drink use public transport or take a taxi - otherwise that quick pint might end up lasting 11 long years."

The summer drink-drive campaign will feature radio adverts, in-pub advertising, TV and cinema advertising and a partnership marketing campaign. It runs from June 2 to August 10.

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David Urpeth from Irwin Mitchell said: "I welcome this new initiative aimed at reducing the misery caused by drink related road traffic accidents.

"Everyone knows that alcohol impairs judgement, so the message as always is don't drink and drive."