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Manchester Couple's Holiday From Hell

Sharm El Sheik, Egypt


A couple from Manchester were left seriously ill after their honeymoon turned into a holiday from hell.

Dennis Meehan (55) and his wife Debra (45) travelled to the Egyptian resort of Sharm El Sheik for two weeks last June for a belated honeymoon.

The couple from Longsight in Manchester are now taking legal action against the tour operator, Direct Holidays because of the problems they encountered at the all-inclusive St George Three Corners Hotel.

Both Mr and Mrs Meehan became ill, suffering from diarrhoea, stomach cramps and a high temperature within days of arriving at the resort.

The couple complained about the hygiene standards in the hotel. They said that food was undercooked, uncovered and reheated. They also claim that freshly cooked dishes were added to existing dishes which had been left out for a long time.

Mr Meehan said; "I was appalled at the standards in this hotel. When we went into the restaurant we noticed that there were flies on the food and around the restaurant. On one occasion I noticed that the chicken I had previously been eating was pink in the middle and another time the veal was served very rare."

After a couple of days Mr Meehan spoke to his tour operator representative and requested a transfer to another hotel due to the low standards at the St George. However, he was told that this would not be possible.

"This holiday was supposed to be a time for my wife and I to relax and enjoy each others company as it was a belated honeymoon. However, it turned out to be quite the opposite," he said.

"We arrived home feeling worn out and as though we had not been away at all. We saved really hard for the trip and hoped that that it would be a holiday of a lifetime. Instead my wife and I suffered illness and the holiday turned out to be a complete nightmare."

Georgia Humphries, of International law firm Irwin Mitchell which is representing the couple in their claim against Direct Holidays said: "Most food borne illnesses can easily be avoided if basic health and hygiene procedures are implemented. We are very concerned by the conditions described by the Meehans and the illnesses that they suffered. We have invited Direct Holidays to admit liability and hope that they will enter constructive negotiations with us so that the Meehan's claims for damages can be finalised as soon as possible."