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Only One In Seven Will Tell Line Manager When Hurt

Injury at Work


A recent survey carried out by insurance firm RSA has revealed that only 54% of people injured at work are taking action against their employers.

Only a third of workers injured highlighted their case to trade unions and just one in seven complained to a line manager.

Stress and back pain accounted for a significant number of those affected by health pains in the survey of 2,000 adults.

David Urpeth Head of Work Accidents at law firm Irwin Mitchell said: "There would appear to be a part of this survey which has not been reported on, which is the number of these injuries that occurred through negligence by the employer.

"Legal action should be taken in 100% of cases where injuries occur through employer negligence. What is having a 'significant' effect on UK industry is the time taken off 'sick' by employees injured through no fault of their own; the emphasis therefore should be on strict adherence to health and safety regulations in all workplaces to ensure a reduction in the appalling numbers of people injured and killed in work accidents."