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Couple Make Salmonella Claim After Honeymoon In Kenya

Food Poisoning In Kenya


A couple from the Leicester area are making a claim for compensation after their honeymoon in Kenya was ruined by salmonella food poisoning.

Paula and Martin Sheldon went on their honeymoon to Kenya with tour operator African Safari Club Limited. They booked a two week stay at the Flamingo Beach Hotel, Mombasa.

In week two of the holiday the couple were taken ill with symptoms of gastric illness.

The couple suffered stomach cramps, diarrhoea and vomiting. When they returned to the UK, Mrs Sheldon was diagnosed with salmonella food poisoning.

Mrs Sheldon feels that the illness suffered by her and her husband was caused by poor health and hygiene standards at the hotel. She said: “She says: “There were lots and lots of flies in the restaurant and they were able to get into the food as none of it was covered. The food was generally of a very low standard and the food was served lukewarm and hot food was added to existing food.

“We were not the only people to fall ill as other guests at the hotel were complaining of illness.”

Irwin Mitchell revealed that they have been contacted by other holidaymakers taken ill at the hotel and urged anyone else affected to come forward as they may be entitled to claim compensation.