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£800,000 Awarded After Detox Fit

Brain Damage


An Oxfordshire woman who suffered permanent brain damage while on a detox diet has been awarded more than £800,000.

Dawn Page, 52, of Faringdon, claims she was told to drink more water and reduce her salt intake during "the Amazing Hydration Diet."

The High Court was told she suffered uncontrollable vomiting after starting the diet, but nutritionist Barbara Nash assured her it was part of the detoxification process.

When Mrs Nash was less than a week into the regime, she suffered an epileptic fit and was taken to Princess Margaret Hospital in Swindon.

Doctors were unable to prevent her suffering permanent brain damage affecting her memory, speech and concentration.

Mrs Nash's insurance company agreed to pay out £810,000 although she denied any wrongdoing.

Her husband Geoff Page, 54, said: "Her life has been seriously affected, perhaps ruined, by this fad-type way of losing weight, which I can only say is a dangerous method of weight loss."

The law firm that represented Mrs Nash said: "On behalf of our client we wish to make it clear that all allegations of substandard practice made on behalf of Mrs Page in the litigation, have always been and continue to remain firmly denied.

The High Court has ratified the settlement, which was made without mention of liability.

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Tim Annett from law firm Irwin Mitchell said: "This case highlights the importance of speaking to your GP or other qualified doctor before embarking on treatment or making changes which could have serious consequences for your health. Increasingly people are getting advice or treatment in the private sector without involving their GP, and as a result may miss a valuable opportunity to get advice or recommendations about the options available to them."