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Plane Crash Lands at Heathrow

Plane crash landing at Heathrow Airport



A British Airways plane that was flying into Heathrow from Beijing has crash landed short of the runway forcing passengers to escape down emergency chutes.

Eyewitnesses have reported how the plane flew in low and that the base of the plane scraped along the runway causing large amounts of smoke.

The airport has closed the south runway whilst investigators examine the scene.

Clive Garner Head of Travel law at Solicitors Irwin Mitchell said:

"While the reasons for today's crash are still unknown, urgent investigation is needed to ensure that it was not the result of any fault on the Boeing 777 aircraft. If there is any suspicion of this, checks to other aircraft should occur immediately.

The Air Accident Investigation Branch of the Department of Transport will carefully investigate the incident and determine what went wrong and whether further steps are needed to prevent a similar incident in the future. Sadly, a number of passengers were injured and while it is not possible at this stage to fully evaluate the extent of their injuries and whether there will be any long term consequences for them it is hoped that the injuries are only minor and that the passengers injured will make a swift and complete recovery.

Accidents during landing can be devastating. As recently as 16th September 2007 more than 80 passengers died, several of them Britons, during a failed landing of a McDonnell Douglas MD-82 aircraft in Phuket, Thailand."

Sallie Booth from Irwin Mitchell's Group Actions team added: "In the past we have acted for victims of plane crashes such as the Kegworth air disaster in which forty seven people died and the Lockerbie bombing where a total of 270 people died, including 11 on the ground."

Fortunately yesterday's crash was no where near as serious but it is important for BA to launch a thorough investigation the cause of the crash in order to prevent incidents such as this from occurring in the future.

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