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Baby Death Family 'To Sue Hospital'

Premature baby dies after hospital mistake


The parents of a two-week-old girl who is thought to have died when a feeding line dislodged have said they are going to sue the hospital they claim is responsible.

The parents of Brooke Herridge, who was born prematurely, had said all they wanted was for Derriford Hospital in Plymouth to apologise for its mistake.

But a Healthcare Commission report has supported Mark and Becky Herridge's claim that there was a "serious untoward incident" at the hospital before Brooke died, and the couple now say they are considering legal action.

Brooke was born prematurely alongside her twin sister Mia but due to a rare blood condition, Mia weighed 2lbs 10oz while Brooke only weighed 1lb 7oz.

While the pair were in intensive care Mr and Mrs Herridge say Brooke was given a feeding line, which was meant to give her essential nutrients.

But instead the line probably dislodged, and Brooke later died as the result of bleeding in her lung.

Her father Mark said: "We now have official documentation to show it was a line in the wrong place.

"I was convinced they had done something wrong, but I could not get anyone to admit it.

"If we can sue the hospital, we will."

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