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Warning For Derbyshire GP After Meningitis Death

Doctor Warned After Failure To Diagnose Meningitis


The General Medical Council (GMC) has warned a GP from Derbyshire about his conduct after the death of a child from meningitis.

Alistair Graham, of Chesterfield, was found guilty of misconduct and given a warning after he failed to diagnose meningitis in eight-year-old Courtney Guy.

Dr Graham visited the child at home in January 2006. He did not prescribe penicillin or arrange for her to go to hospital. The child sadly died the following day.

The GP told the GMC that the decision was "possibly the worst one I've ever made in my professional career".

The GMC found Dr Graham guilty of misconduct, but recognised there was evidence of further wrongdoing and that his practice had improved their policy around suspected meningitis.

Joanne Ashley of Irwin Mitchell Solicitors said: "This case demonstrates the shocking results of clinical care falling below the standard required. In this case, as in others, the consequences of failing to diagnose an illness such as meningitis can result in the most devastating of outcomes for patients and families."