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Mumbai Terrorist Attacks Affect English Nationals

Claims for Inadequate Security Response



There have been a number of attacks carried out by armed gunman across Mumbai in India resulting in more than a 100 people being killed, and about 300 people wounded.

Guests staying at the Taj Mahal hotel were held hostage over a period of about 15 hours before being released. The incidents which occurred over the course of the 27th and 28th of November 2008 were finally brought under control after the intervention of the Indian Security Forces.

Guests at the Oberoi hotel were also taken hostage by armed gunmen before there were accounts of gunfire and bomb blasts as a gas station was blown up.

Those caught up in the tragic events have raised concern over the length of time it took to bring the situation under control.

Clive Garner of Leading Travel Law specialists, Irwin Mitchell Solicitors said:

"Whilst I share concerns over the adequacy of the security services and the speed at which the security services reacted to what was a very serious incident, these are matters which will need to be independently investigated. In the event that any of the criticism is upheld those affected are likely to be able to bring a claim for damages."

Clive Garner went on to say "Irwin Mitchell has taken an active role in representing victims of other terrorist attacks such as 9/11, the London bombings and the Lockerbie and Manchester City Centre Terrorist Attacks. As a result substantial damages have been paid to the victims and their families affected by these terrible events".