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Lawyer Receives Award For Life Changing Work

Human Rights Lawyer


A Human Rights lawyer from law firm Irwin Mitchell was recognised for his legal aid work last night as he was named Social and Welfare Lawyer of the Year.

Yogi Amin, a Partner in the Public Law team at the firm received the award presented by Cherie Booth QC, at the prestigious Legal Aid Lawyer of the Year Awards.

He was recognised for the many high profile legal aid cases he has been associated with, including his success earlier this year where he overturned the Primary Care Trusts (PCT) decision to deny the life enhancing drug Revlimid to cancer sufferer Colin Ross based on the 'postcode lottery.'

Recognised by his peers for his "fearless commitment to the interests of the clients", Head of Public Law at Doughty Street chambers Ian Wise said: "Those of us who have worked with Yogi are well-aware of his conscientiousness and phenomenal ability to achieve positive results for his clients."

Yogi’s commitment and success is also apparent through cases such as his work with breast cancer sufferers who were being denied Herceptin, and elderly and vulnerable patients who were denied Lucentis, a sight-saving drug for patients suffering from Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD).

Senior Partner at Irwin Mitchell Michael Napier said: "I am delighted that Yogi has been recognised for his excellent legal skills and dedication in winning ground breaking and life changing cases for people who could not bring them without legal aid funding. As a large national firm providing a diverse range of legal services Irwin Mitchell is proud to continue its commitment to legal aid."

Yogi said: "I am delighted to have won this award which is a reflection of the hard work of the dynamic Public Law team throughout the country at Irwin Mitchell. Legal aid is a vital funding mechanism for members of the public, and has enabled this firm's clients to bring landmark cases before the court, often in the interests of the wider community."

In addition to Yogi's legal work, he has been instrumental in developing Irwin Mitchell’s support for many pro-bono schemes around the country.