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Ear Injuries Caused by Loss in Cabin Pressure on Ryanair Flight

Flight From Bristol To Barcelona Girona


According to reports, 16 of the passengers on Ryanair flight FR9336 from Bristol to Barcelona Girona airport have sustained physical injury as a result of the loss of cabin pressure during their flight.

The injured passengers are said to be complaining of severe ear injuries. Although the full extent of any other injuries and any long term consequences is not yet known, Clive Garner of national law firm Irwin Mitchell has indicated that any passengers who sustained physical injury as a result of the incident may be able to claim compensation against the Ryanair under the Montreal Convention and applicable European Regulations. The amount of damages that could be recovered will depend on the extent of the injury sustained and any financial losses which occur as a result of such injuries.

However, it appears that many of the passengers may have sustained psychological injuries as a result of their involvement in the terrifying incident.

"Unfortunately, due to the way in which the Conventions that govern international carriage by air have been drafted, damages cannot be recovered for pure psychological injury. Often these injuries can have a significant impact on a person's ability to lead a normal life and can lead to large financial loss, particularly if the psychological injuries are severe enough to prevent a victim from returning to work. This loop hole in the legislation which governs the liability of carriers in situations such as this needs to be closed to ensure that victims of such incidents obtain the recompense they need."

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